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How to select an SEO reseller

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SEO-Reseller-servicesSearch engine optimization, or SEO for short, is extremely important for any website. It doesn’t matter if it is a blog or a product website, search engine optimization is going to draw in traffic to the page, which in turn brings in more possible customers, revenue off of ads and exposure. Essentially, the entire purpose of having anything posted online is to build the viewership, and SEO is able to do just this. Of course, attempting to teach yourself SEO can be a challenge. With so much involved with it, let along the ever changing algorithm used by search engines like Google, staying on top of this can be more difficult than anything else related to the website. That is exactly why it is so important for you to go out and select an SEO reseller to assist in the design and production of your website. However, how do you find the right service provider for your needs? It is best to go out and look for one with a few specifics in mind.

Ask for References

Results is the name of the game with SEO. The company or service provider can have a beautiful website and the nicest people to work with, but if results are lacking it is all for not. Don’t look at image results some service providers post on their websites showing a particular website listed at the top of a search engine. These results are most likely old and, in the modern era, it is “what have you done for me lately.” Instead, you want physical results from previous and current clients. Ask for contact information from different clients of the companies and then contact these individuals or companies for what kind of results they experienced. This should give you the best means of measuring whether or not the service provider is worth it or not.

Avoid the Over Charges

Some SEO service providers charge for every small change they make. They might recommend tagging images on the website bot will charge extra for that. Some charge you extra for searching for better keywords while others charge you for placing links onto your social media accounts. You shouldn’t have a grocery list of charges. It needs to be one charge for their services. It is all wrapped into SEO reselling and besides, you don’t know what you need to boost your search engine rankings, but they do. So, go with a company that provides bulk services for a set fee. You want them to do everything in their power to boost your SEO, not pick and choose because you can’t afford it.

What do They Need From You?

Depending on what your website showcases, the SEO reseller might need something from you. They might need you to provide additional images, video content or other general information. Be prepared to offer this sort of material. Now, it is not always going to be necessary as the SEO reseller might find you really don’t need any more images as this is all covered. However, be available and willing to assist and this can ensure the best possible results.

Evelyn Images in Waltham MA

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Evelyn Images

681 Main Street

Waltham, MA 02451



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For more than two decades, Evelyn Images’ Waltham Studio has been creating high quality photography for discerning clients. We employ a sensitive eye, precise composition, gorgeous lighting and a strong visual aesthetic to create powerful photographs that enhance and enliven your concepts. Our goal since day one has always been to give the client exactly what they need at a fair price.